Here you will find…tall stories…short stories… and quite frankly ridiculous stories…the more ridiculous the better!

The Great Parrot Rescue

A chapter book from the tall tales of Papa Pirate.

After a stormy night on the Black Sea Papa Pirate makes it to dry land with high hopes of finding treasure. But with a bunch of dangerous pirates skinny-dipping under a waterfall and a noisy parrot tied to the treasure chest, Papa Pirate is in serious trouble. Can he rescue the parrot and keep him quiet? How can Papa Pirate get the chest back to his ship before being spotted – and is there really treasure in the chest?

The dragon and the chicken

The basic principles of all world religions are Acceptance, Kindness, Love, Peace and Truth. In this story of ‘The Dragon and the Chicken’ we learn about Acceptance – the acceptance of a dragon for a chicken as a friend, even though everyone knows that dragons are supposed to eat chickens

Watch out Watch out There’s a Dinosaur About

A classic picture book story about how tricky life can be for a young boy when all you’ve got to play with is a bunch of big scary dinosaurs.